The Hillside Terrace Project

Phase 1 of the Hillside Terrace Project is nearing completion. Phase 2 is about to begin.

Phase 1* The Straw Bale House.
Built in a workshop format, community members, friends and partners spent the spring of 2008 constructing the first Straw Bale Building in Jefferson County, permitted by the Government, and using all local materials and resources.

Phase 2* The Community Garden
Starting in May of 2009, interested members of the community will participate in the creation, and harvesting of a large scale permaculture garden on the site of the straw bale house. The intent of this next phase is to show the viability of community, small scale agriculture as a means of rebuilding community, feeding families, and allowing a simple trend toward healthy living.

The expected harvest of this initial garden will support no more than 10 community members, and thus the initial partners in this venture will be limited.

Launch date is May 23rd 2009

Phase 3* Going off the Grid
The Final Phase of the Hillside Terrace Project, will entail a multiprong approach to creating all energy, water, and soil regenration required to maintain and grow the first two phases of this venture. As I am making this up as I go along, this phase will be evolving with my own knowledge.